martes, 11 de noviembre de 2008

Glenn Hughes - Blues (1992)

Origen: Inglaterra
Genero: Hard Rock
Formato/Tamaño: Mp3 320 KBpS 146 MB

1. The Boy Can Sing The Blues
2. I'm The Man
3. Here Come The Rebel
4. What Can I Do For Ya?
5. You Don't Have To Save Me Anymore
6. So Much Love To Give
7. Shake The Ground
8. Hey Buddy (You Got Me Wrong)
9. Have You Read The Book?
10. Life Of Misery
11. Can't Take Away My Pride
12. A Right To Live

Line Up:
Glenn Hughes: All Vocals and Bass on songs 1,3,10,11,12.
Tony Franklin: Bass on songs 2,4,5,6,7,8,9.
Gary Ferguson: All Drums
Craig Erickson: All Rhythm Guitar
Mark Jordan: Keyboards

Guest Appearances:
John Norum: Guitars on 1, 2
Warren DeMartini: Guitars on 1, 2, 5
Mark Kendall: Guitars on 3, 5
Richie Kotzen: Guitars on 4, 12
Darren Householder: Guitars on 7, 9
Paul Pesco: Guitars on 8
Mick Mars: Guitars on 9, 11

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