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Snatch & The Poontangs and Johnny Otis Show (1969)

Origen: Inglaterra
Genero: Blues / Funk
Formato/Tamaño: Mp3 256 KBpS 124 MB

Cold Shot - Johnny Otis Show

1. The Signifyin' Monkey (Part 1)
2. Country Girl
3. I Believe I'll Go Back Home
4. High Heel Sneakers
5. Sittin' Here Alone
6. C C Rider
7. You Better Look Out
8. Goin' Back To LA
9. Bye Bye Baby (Until We Meet Again)
10. Cold Shot

Snatch & The Poontangs

11. The Signifyin' Monkey (Part 2)
12. That's Life
13. The Great Stack A Lee
14. The Pissed-Off Cowboy
15. Hey Shine
16. Two Time Slim
17. John Jeeter
18. Two Girls In Love (With Each Other)
19. It's Good To Be Free
20. The Dirty Dozens

Line Up:
Vocals by-The Mouth
Guitar, Bass and Organ by - Prince Wunnerful
Drums and Piano by - The Hawk


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