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Scorpions - Taken B-Side (2009)

Origen: Alemania
Genero: Hard Rock
Formato/Tamaño: Mp3 320 KBpS 375 MB


Disc 1:
01. Cold (Japanese Bonus from HUMANITY, 2007)
02. I Can't Explain (CD-single I CAN’T EXPLAIN, 1989)
03. Dreamer (Japanese Bonus from UNBREAKABLE, 2004)
04. Too Far (Japanese Bonus from UNBREAKABLE, 2004)
05. Edge Of Time (Live-album compilation LOVE BITES, 1995, North American edition only)
06. Heroes Don't Cry (Live-album compilation LOVE BITES, 1995)
07. You And I (''Butcher'' Radio-Remix, Japanese Bonus from EYE TO EYE, 1999)
08. She's Knocking At My Door (CD-single YOU AND I,1996)
09. Alex Julie's Love Theme (CD-single HIT BETWEEN THE EYES, 1992)
10. Daddy's Girl (Japanese Bonus from FACE THE HEAT, 1993)
11. Ave Maria No Morro (CD-single WHITE DOVE, 1994)
12. Partners In Crime (CD-single UNDER THE SAME SUN,1993)
13. You And I (special single mix from CD-single YOU AND I, 1996)
14. Kami O Shin Jiru (Japanese Bonus from FACE THE HEAT, 1993)
15. Rhythm Of Love (Japanese Bonus from ACOUSTICA, 2001)
16. Humanity (Radio Edit Incl.Orchestra, promo CD HUMANITY, 2007)
17. White Dove (CD-single WHITE DOVE, 1994)
18. Wind Of Change (Russian Version, Japanese mini-album WIND OF CHANGE, 1991)
19. You Are The Champion (CD-single YOU ARE THE CHAMPION, 2004)

Disc 2:
Playing Time: 1:12:26
01. Cause I Love You (album compilation BAD FOR GOOD – THE VERY BEST OF SCORPIONS, 2002)
02. Rubber Fucker (CD-single ALIEN NATION, 1993)
03. Kiss Of Borrowed Time (CD-single WHEN YOU CAME INTO MY LIFE, 1997)
04. Bad For Good (album compilation BAD FOR GOOD – THE VERY BEST OF SCORPIONS, 2002)
05. When Love Kills Love (Studio Version)
06. Hey You (Vinyl single HEY YOU, 1980)
07. Over The Top (album compilation DEADLY STING: THE MERCURY YEARS, 1997)
08. Wind Of Change (Spanish Version, CD-single ????? ???????, 1991)
09. Life Goes Round (album compilation DEADLY STING: THE MERCURY YEARS, 1997)
10. His Latest Flame (hidden track on the US edition of FACE THE HEAT, 1993)
11. Miracle (CD-single MIRACLE, 2004)
12. Mind Power (CD-single TO BE NO.1, 1999)
13. Love Is Blind (CD-single STILL LOVING YOU, 1999)
14. Start Me Up (CD-single TEN LIGHT YEARS AWAY, 1999)
15. When You Came Into My Life (New Version)
16. Back To U (DVD Acoustica, 2001)
17. Fuchs Geh Voran (German song, recorded with Uli John Roth in 1975-76)
18. Bis Wohin Reicht Mein Leben (appeared on RILKE PROJECT, 2002)



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